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Unlocking the hidden treasures of fish production side streams is our speciality at AquaFood. Here, amidst these overlooked resources, lie some of the finest cuts of fish remaining. One such gem is the back loin. From this prized cut, we craft three exceptional products:


At AquaFood, our flagship offering is the main High-End Fish Mince:

A versatile masterpiece with customizable fat, moisture, and protein composition. Completely boneless, neutral in flavor, and boasting intact protein chains for superior functionality and bioavailability.

Resembling chicken mince in texture, this protein mass serves as a flexible ingredient for an array range of processed seafood products. AquaFood’s innovation stems from cutting-edge technology developed by local researchers at Chalmers University of Technology. Through our meticulous extraction process our protein isolates retain their product forming capabilities, ensuring a sustainable high-end mince with an adaptable composition that is outstanding.

The minced protein plated

the oil

Discover AquaFood's Clean Cold-Pressed Fish Oil: An impeccable pure solution engineered for functionality. With a subtile taste profile, it's the ideal choice for a variety of applications. Perfect for supplements and industrial use, this oil elevates nutritional formulations without compromising on efficacy and purity.
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the collagen

Introducing AquaFood's Fine Collagen Powder: The ultimate addition to your your supplements, cosmetics, or nutricosmetic formulations. Versatile and refined, this premium collagen powder enhances a wide range of applications, providing unparalleled quality and functionality.
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