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Revolutionizing Seafood value is our mission.

The amazing, patented food technology enables us to produce more seafood from less fish! Increased efficiency in the production process gives the seafood industry a holistic introduction of more fish into the food chain.
Unlocking the potential of seafood production, AquaFood pioneers a groundbreaking approach to sustainebility and transforms the side streams from fish production to high value components improves the value chain.

We treasure the untapped potential of seafood side streams, transforming them into high value components while enhancing sustainability across the entire seafood chain.
Our innovative technology captures the inherent value of remaining protein of the fish to create a food grade quality high end mince, premium oils, and marine collagen of reliable unparalleled quality.
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Embark on a culinary adventure with AquaFood.

Indulge in our fish high end mince, a versatile masterpiece crafted with customizable fat, moisture and protein composition. Completely boneless, it boasts a natural flavor profile and intact protein chains, ensuring superior functionality and bioavailability, Whether used in blended or standalone applications, our mince elevates seafood products to new heights  of taste and quality.
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Cold process innovation

Through our cold process innovation, we minimize energy consumption, decrease environmental impact, and uphold the integrity of fish raw materials. This approach results in superior quality seafood products, setting a new standard for sustainability and excellence.
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At AquaFood, reliability is the cornerstone of our mission. Our products consistently meet stringent food grade standards, ensuring immediate integration into other seafood dishes and standalone offerings. Trust in our commitment excellence and reliability in every bite.
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Food grade end-products

Intact protein chains

Our process preserves intact protein chains, offering a reliable foundation for versatile seafood applications. With each product, we provide an opportunity for chefs and creators to express themselves, exploring endless possibilities for innovation and culinary exprementations.
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