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our team

Thomas Granlund

Commercial Manager
Business Developer & Startup Experience in The Food Industry
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Oliver Östensen

COO & Co-founder
MSc – Business Creation &
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Mehdi Abdollahi

CEO & Co-founder
Docent –
Food & Nutrition Science
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Mehdi Ghalebani

Technical Manager
MSc – Chemical Engineering &
Industrial Ecology
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Ingrid Undeland

Board Member & Co-founder
Prof. Food &

Nutrition Science

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About us
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At AquaFood, we embrace the creative essence of early stage entrepreneurship. Recognizing the importance of dynamic decision making, we actively engage in collaborative efforts with potential suppliers and customers. We remain open to experimentation, always ready to pivot our business approach and value proposition to seize emerging opportunities.

Committed to reliability, we selectively seek partnerships with like minded customers who shares our vision for sustainability. We conscientiously exclude entities in unsustainable practices
aligning our partnerships with our dedication to side stream reduction and enviromental stewardship. AquaFood caters to a diverse array of B2B clients offering adaptable solutions to their specific needs. We want to empower our partners to express themselves while embracing the evolving demands of the industry.

Three of the global goals
AquaFood's vision revolves around revolutionizing the seafood industry by minimizing side streams and maximizing efficiency. Our innovative approach involves conducting the entire process in cold temperatures, significantly reducing energy consumption and cutting both economic and enviromental costs.

We prioritize preserving the delicate integrity of marine raw materials to deliver end products of superior quality. Our methods are not only efficient and eco-friendly, but also driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence.

We are driven by a deeper purpose. That is ensuring sustainable living and thriving for generations to come. Sustainability isn't just an alternative, it's the emperative direction for our future.
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